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Donald E. Kaneski

Donald started teaching in Detroit. His classes consist of beginners to very advanced. Currently he is teaching only on special asssignment. He has produced two instructional videos for beginning students and choregraphed 5 dances, one by request from SESAC for a country western band in San Antonio.

Stock Number

DK -01-CC

Back to Basics A New Beginning...

Has on it the following dances: Electric Slide, Watermelon Crawl, One Step Forward, Ski Bumpus, Slappin' Leather,Boot Scootin' Boogi, Waltz Across Texas, Tush Push, New "Tulsa Shuffle', Mamba Shuffle, No Way Jose', Cruisin' plus you get a booklet that goes with this tape.

DK -02-CC

More Back to Basics ...

Has on it the following dances: Electric Slide 2, Cowboy Motion, Foot Boogie, Honky Tonk Stomp, Hooked on Country, J -Walk' Justin Tyme, Locamotion, The Twist, West Coast Shuffle, Chattahoochee Plus you get dance sheets also.

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