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Phil & Michele Adams

Produced by 5 time World Champion Phil Adams and 1996 Division I Two Step World Champion Michele Adams! These hot instructional videos offer the latest patterns and styling. Guided by Phil and Michele you'll learn the basics, as well as the patterns and styling you need to look your best on the social or competition dance floor. Phil Adams is the best kept secret of the pros, and now his legendary talents are yours for just the price of a video! Don't forget Michele's new video just for Ladies Only! Hot! Hot! Hot! Order yours today and let Phil and Michele help you put your best foot forward.

Stock Number

PA 001-CC

Beginning West Coast Swing

Basic, Throwout, underarm turn, side pass, hand change, sugar push, inside pass, tuck, locked whip - Basic patterns for the Beginning WCS dancer

PA 003-CC

Intermediate/Advance West Coast Swing 1 (Whips)

Whips & locked whips, double turns, neck wrap whips, advanced patterns for men. Good turn skills in women important in these moves.

PA 005-CC

1st level

Men's & Ladies WCS Syncopations

1st level syncopations tape, matching syncopations for men & women.

PA 008-CC

Intermediate WCS 2

Early intermediate tape combining 2 or 3 moves to make simple patterns, basic elements in turns for ladies.

PA 010-CC

Ladies Only West Coast Swing Syncopations

By: Michele Adams & Jim Farhadi

Syncopations for Ladies

PA 011-CC

West Coast Swing Ladies Syncopations II

By: Michele Adams & Jim Farhadi

2nd level syncopations tape. Recommend you purchase PA 010 AND PA 011

PA 013-CC

Spins & Turns,

Balance and spin and turn techniques

PA 014 -CC

Advanced West Coast Swing Hot Moves

Upper Intermediate/Advanced Moves - Contemporary moves & styling.

PA 015-CC

West Coast Swing Mens Only Styling & Syncopations

Mens body lines & syncopations.

Hustle Videos By: Phil & Michele Adams

Stock Number

PA 002-CC

Beginning Hustle

Throwout, walk around, under arm turn, hand change to shadow, free spin, 4 count outside turn - Basic patterns for the Beginning Hustle dancer.

PA 009-CC

Intermediate Hustle

Follow up to Beginning Hustle tape. Combines 2 or 3 moves to make patterns

PA 012-CC

Advanced Street Hustle

Harder Hustle moves, roll turns, 7 count turns, faced paced tape

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Phil & Michele Adams Video


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