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Look at the other listings and see what they say. Write about yourself - height, age (if you do not wish to be too exact, give an approximation, i.e., mid-twenties, early thirties, etc. Or mention the age bracket which you would like to meet.)

Say what you like to do on a date, your education and how important it is to you, hobbies and special interests, etc. It's usually better to describe yourself in detail and be as general as possible about whom you want to meet, i.e., don't specify that you want to meet a blonde, blue-eyed, slim person, unless that is the only type you'll consider dating. If you have firm requirements (i.e. must be Catholic, Jewish, white or black, at least 5'11", college grad, etc.) so state them, but if you don't feel strongly about such things, don't specify them. Remember, people will be writing to you telling you about themselves and you can decide whether or not you want to meet them after you get their letter, rather than excluding them in advance by being too specific.

Try to avoid over-used phrases, such as "caring and sharing" and "incurable romantic." Get out your thesaurus and opt, instead, for an original way of stating the same thing. Also, it's best to illustrate your great sense of humor, by saying something funny, but then don't overkill by assuring us that you have a great sense of humor.


PLEASE BE COURTEOUS enough to answer all responses - even if you must say, "Thanks, but no thanks"

We will not correct your misspellings or grammatical errors, in order to preserve the individuality and personality of your ad.

If you do not wish your area to be indicated in your ad (i.e. Vallejo, Bay Area, San Jose, L.A. etc.) , please let us know. Otherwise, we shall add it for the convenience of our responders.








NBM-Never been married


Beg-Beginner dancer

Int-Intermediate dancer

Adv-Advanced dancer

CW-Country Western

WCS-West Coast Swing

Comp-Competition Partner

T-Team Dancer


Just E-mail them or call

You may answer ads placed in previous issues, but of course you take a chance that the ad placer has already found someone.


Responses generally tend to be worded similar to ads placed. He/she will want to know those things about you which you would ordinarily put in an ad about yourself, including physical description, mention of your interests, occupation, education, travel, anything unusual about you that will allow you to stand out for the special person you are.

Gentlemen, if you write only "Hi, I'm Joe, if you want to know more, call 123-4567," chances are you've been so cautious that you will end up with no responses to your response.

Gentlemen are advised that it helps to build confidence with the ladies when they include on their reply their full name, residence address and telephone number.

It is permissible to sign your reply "Mary, 955-123-4567" or "Ann, P.O. Box 1234, Fairfield, 94533".

Ladies, YOU MUST INCLUDE EITHER YOUR P.O. BOX OR YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER when answering an ad so that the gentleman will have some way of contacting you.

We recommend, as with any introductory service, that you use independent transportation on your first date, that you meet in a well-lit place for coffee, so that if either of you does not wish to further the acquaintance, you may feel free to leave.


We will list you on the web site.

If the person to whom you respond is interested in you, he/she will contact you. However, we cannot guarantee a response to your reply.

If you have a complaint about anyone using the person-to-person ads, give us a call. That's why we're here and why we have this somewhat elaborate code system - to protect you.

If you have a genuine complaint, we will do everything in our power to resolve the problem.

F# 00000
Wanted 35 to 55
F-Int-dancer for comp.and social dancing
CA, Bay Area
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