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FAQ'S about Cowboy Hats
How long will it take to get the hat?

If in stock, we ship within 3 days and it should take about 4 to 8 days to get to you.

If not in stock, allow up to 8 weeks from date of order.


According to the Webster Dictonary

Hat Ritual.

There are two degrees of politeness:

1.With your hat-lifting or tipping it, which you do for strangers.

2.Taking it off, which you do for friends.

Tipping your hat is done by barely lifting it off your head:

By the crown of a soft hat, or the brim of a stiff one.

Your cigarette, pipe or cigar should always be taken out of your mouth before removing or tipping your hat.

a. A man takes off his hat outdoors:

(1) when he is being introduced, or saying good-by;

(2) as a greeting when passing someone he knows on the street;

(3) when talking, particularly with a woman, an older man, or a clergyman;

(4) when the National Anthem is being played, or the flag is passing;

(5) at a burial, or (except in large cities) in the presence of a funeral procession.

b. A man tips his hat:

(1) when walking with a friend who passes a woman only the friend knows;

(2) any time a lady who is a stranger thanks you for some service;

(3) any time you excuse yourself to a woman stranger, as in a crowded bus when you jostle her, or when you have to ask to crowd past;

(4) any time a stranger shows courtesy to a woman you are with, as when. a man or woman picks up something she has dropped, or a man gives her his seat;

(5) when you ask a woman (or elderly man) for directions.

c. Indoors, a man always takes off his hat, except:

(1) in public buildings, such as railroad stations or post offices;

(2) in entrance halls and corridors of office buildings or hotels;

(3) in elevators of public or office buildings. (You have to use your judgment about this, though. In a department store elevator full of women you might take it off. Also, if a woman you know gets into an office building elevator, you would probably take it off, and you certainly would do so if you started talking to her.)

Can you tell me what is the difference in the number of X's in a hat and do all hat companies use a standard system to rate the number of X's they put on a hat?

The X's on a hat stands for the quality. In otherwords, the higher the X's the better the quality. No, all companies do not use the same standards for X rating. What this means to you is, one company's 10X may be equal to another company's 30X. The best thing to do is feel the hat. Check it for softness and stiffness, the better the quality the softer and less stiff the hat will be. What makes the hat softer and less stiff is the amount of beaver fur used in the hat body (the more beaver fur used the higher the X's).

Can I order a custom made hat?

Charlie One Horse does not take orders for custom made hats. A hat is as shown only. If it is not in the catalog then we do not make it.

What do the codes in the hats mean?

The codes on your hat stand for:

CF09540704-RMWD -- R or CS09540704--RMWD--R

CF = Charlie Felt

CS = Charlie Straw

09 = Body/Fabric ---Shape of Crown

54 = Profile

07 = Color

04 = Brim

RMWD = Trim

R = Oval

Are the numbers used in manufacturing hats so that we know how the crown and the brim are shaped.

Asking about the origin of the ten gallone Hat.

"This hat is soo big, it tends to make you think big. The ten gallon hat came on the scene around 1925. It's highly unlikely any working cowboy ever owned one. The immense skypieces were popularized by Tom Mix and other Hollywood buckaroos. Drugstore cowboys liked 'em too. So did photographers, 'cause anyone who ever saw a Ten Gallon hat wanted their picture taken wearin' it."

This is the only information we have now. This came from 'Hats and the Cowboys Who Wear Them', by Texas Bix Bender. This book can be gotten at any book store.

Hat Renovators

We currently do not renovate hats at our factory. However, here is a listing of retailers that do offer renovations. This should include a new sweat band, liner and cleaning (depending on the company). These renovators will probably not put in new Charlie One Horse Hat liners and sweat band, but a generic band and sweat.

This is a reference sheet for your information only. Neither Country Calendar nor Charlie One Horse Hats recommend any one company. Prices, services, and freight charges vary from company to company.

City, State
Bruce's Hat Renovations
311 N. Merrill
Glendive MT
Meyer the Hatter
120 St. Charles Ave
New Orleans LA
Herb's Hat Shop
4922 Rigsby
San Antonio TX
The Mans Hat Shop
511 Central N.W.
Albuquerque NM
Shudde Brothers
905 Trinity
Houston TX
Huskey Hats Co.

Witchita Falls TX

Worth Walden
913 W. Jefferson
Dallas TX
Henry the Hatter
1307 Broadway
Detroit, MI
Optimo Hat Co
10215 S. Western Ave.
Chicago IL
Olsen Brothers Lynch Hat Works
1325 N. Division
Spokane WA
Arizona Hatters
3600 N. 1st, #100
Tucson AZ
Baron Californina
1619 W. Burbank Blvd
Burbank CA
Western Outfitter
331 Waughtown St
Winston-Salem NC
Starks & Legum
739 Granby Street
Norfolk VA
3903 N. Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale AZ
Warnock Hat Works
6030 W. Highway 83
Pharr TX
Standard Hat Works
422 West Waco Drive
Waco TX
Wayne Workman
4607 35th Street
Lubbock TX
I need a new straw hat, but don't like the way they are blocked, and my local retailer won't reblock straw hats.

What are the proper steps for me to take to reblock one the way I want?

If you are wanting to reshape your brim that should be done very slightly at the wire around the brim.

However, the crown should not be altered at all. Our hats are blocked using an EPA approved lacquer that will crack if streamed or reshaped.

How to Care For Your Felt Hat"

1. Store your felt hat upside down on its crown, on a clean surface or in a hat box, to keep the brim from flattening out.

2. Remove dust and loose dirt with a soft brush, starting at the left side of the hat and brushing counter-clockwise.

3. Avoid exposing your hat to the heat from stoves, radiators, lamps, car windows and enclosed cars in the summer. The combination of the heat and perspiration will shrink the sweatband.

4. If your hat gets wet, shake off the excess water, and turn down the "self-conforming" leather sweatband. This will allow the hat to dry naturally.

5. While the hat is wet, don't let the brim touch the surface and don't place it near heat. Heat can reactivate the felting process and cause shrinkage.

6. To keep perspiration and hair dressing from penetrating the fur felt, occasionally turn down the leather sweatband so it can dry out.

7. Should your hat, (if it is light colored) become spotted with water or grease, you can clean it with a little baby talc or corn starch - not liquid cleanser, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. To put on or remove your hat, hold the brim in front and back, handle the crown as little as possible.

Your hat will last a life time while following these important instructions in caring for your hat.

Pricing Information on older hats

Thank you for your email. Many of our web visitors have been writing us, trying to find out how much their collector hats are worth. Currently, we do not maintain secondary market pricing information, nor do we participate in secondary market trading (buying and/or selling older hats).

We have found that collector books and magazines are the best places to look for the value information you are requesting. You might even try some of the online auctions to help guide you to the hat value information you are looking for.

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