Top Line Dances of all Time
Country Calendar list these top ten dance as the all time top Line Dances.

Listed in order

Line Dances
Pattern Dancers

1-Tush Push

1-Cotton Eye Joe

2-Electric Slide

2-Travelin 4 Corners

3-Flying Eight

3-Travelin Cha Cha

4-Slapping Leather By Gayle brandon

4-10 step

5-Walkin Wazi by Getty & Callaham

5-12 step

6-The Firman by George Davis

6-16 step

7-Ukiah or 22 Step

7-Wooden Nickel

8-The Gilley By Jack & Sue Wagner

8-Ridin Double

9-Hawaiian Hustle by Sue Shotwell

9-Jay Walk

10-Boot Scooting Boogie by Mattox and Blair

10-Drifter by Harry and Nori Raymos

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