May 6, 1999

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Events not to miss this year

This is based on what the word on the street is this year from the dancers I have been talking to.


July 16 -- Tom & Julie Mattox ------- Summer Dance Fest -- Palm Springs, CA


July 16 ---Buzzy & Kellie Henningan -- New Orleans Mardi Gras -- New Orleans, LA


Sept 3 --- Keven & & Vickie Johnson-- Music City Country Dance Challenge -- Nashville, TN


Nov 5 -- Rob & Sherry Tovell ------- River City C/W Dance Fest --Edmonton, Canada


Nov 19 ---Bill Ray ------------------ Desert Sands Dances Fest --Las Vagas, NV



PHx Swing Ticket for sale

Hi Ernie, got your email and Thank you much. I have a ticket for the phx

swing event and a room res if you know anyone who cares to go...its is

$80.00. Thank you Charlene Brenteson



Western State Horse Expo



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Cascade Country Classic - The corrected phone number for Don Steers for the Cascade Country Classic in Klamath Falls, OR is 541-882-1152.



You can buy your Event tickets with a Credit Card for the following events

from the Country Calendar Ticket Booth by Calling 800-427-8101


******Jan Events*****


2000, New Years Dance Camp in Bakersfield, CA


2000, Monterey SwingFest in Monterey, CA


*****Feb Events*****


2000, Swinging in The Northland Dance Fest in Mystic Lake Casino, MN


*****Mar Events*****


2000, Coastal Country in Monterey, CA


2000, TRi-State Dance Fest ---Dunuque, IA


*****Apr Events*****


1999, Can-Am Kick Off---Fargo ND


*****May Events*****


*****Jun Events*****


Swingin' Summer Dance Camp - Another fabulous Jay Byam dance fiesta! June 17-20. Costa Mesa, CA,

For info, call (805)529-8241. Order your tickets by Credit Card--- Full weekend pass only $79.


1999, Cornhusker Dance Fest--- Lincoln, NE


*****July Events*****


*****Aug Events*****


1999, Workshop "Get- Away- Weekend"---- Carlton, MN


*****Sept Events*****


1999, Valley DanceFest in Modesto, CA

Event registration forms on line *** Check it out.

Just click on the Button

This is a test to see just how well this will work.


*****Oct Events*****


1999, SwingThing in Thousands Oaks, CA


Dance Roundup 99 --Prior Lake, MN


*****Nov Events*****


1999, Desert Sands Dance Festival in Las Vegas, NV


*****Dec events*****


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Desert Sands Dance Festival - November 19-21, 1999. Tropicana Hotel - (702) 732-0529. You can order tickets for this event through Country Calendar's Ticketbooth by calling 1-800-427-8101.


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